Size Guide | Use Our Ring Size Conversion Chart

Here at Sahami Diamonds we have made it really simple to buy with confidence and to be certain that the ring you buy is the correct size. Using our Ring conversion chart below, you can get a accurate reading of your ring size. You can then proceed to buy any ring that you would like. Wether it's silver, gold or platinum it doesn't matter.

The table below shows the inside circumference of each UK ring size. Althought the most accurate reading would be taken in store, the below estimation would be sufficient in the majority of the cases to getting an exact fit ring. Simply measure the circumference of your finger and check it's associated ring size on the left hand column.
Please note, the thicker the ring, the tighter the fit will be, therefore, if you are going for a really thick ring, chances are, you would be better off with one size bigger.

Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm) Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm)
A 37.8 N 53.8
B 39.1 O 55.1
C 40.4 P 56.3
D 41.7 Q 57.6
E 42.9 R 58.9
F 44.2 S 60.2
G 45.5 T 61.4
H 46.8 U 62.7
I 48.0 V 64.0
J 48.7 W 65.3
K 50.0 X 66.6
L 51.2 Y 67.8
M 52.5 Z 68.5