Who We Are

We have over 90 years of combined experience as jewellers. We embody superior quality, service at great prices. We remove the crazy markups which are traditionally added to all jewellery products which are sold. This allows us to deliver you high quality, superior jewellery at very affordable prices. 

From the early years of trading primarily in gold jewellery, to custom designed diamond pieces, and now to high-end timepieces. Our highly skilled artisans are capable of revolutionising any traditional jewellery making it custom and bespoke to suit your needs.


A Few Words About

Our Legacy

Sahami Diamonds was the vision of my father. It all started in a small shop in Shiraz, Iran in 1972 selling gold and diamond jewellery.

Mr Sahami was not just an ordinary jewellery trader, however, he was an artisan with many years of experience in creating custom jewellery for his clients.  His supreme craftsmanship allowed the Sahami Diamonds brand to become one of the best known Jewellery brands in Iran.

Here at Sahami Diamonds, we have carried over my fathers legacy in Iran to the UK. We are committed to giving you an exceptional customer service and quality jewellery at a great price. We believe that custom jewellery should not be expensive, that's why we do not mark up  our jewellery, thus making them affordable to everyone whilst having exceptional quality!

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